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Digicube Offers Web Hosting Plan @ Rs. 4999 per year:

If you already registered your domain at other domain registrar long back and looking for Web Hosting services with Large Hosting Space and security, Then This might be suitable for you:

Plan Detailed Description:

Server: Windows 2008

Web Space: 2000 MB

Bandwidth / Month: 10240 MB

FTP Accounts: 2

E-mails: 10

MySQL Databases: 10

Parked Domains: 2

Sub Domains: 10

Domain Aliases: 3

Mailboxes: Unlimited

Mailbox quota: Unlimited

Mail redirects: Unlimited

Mail groups: 10

Auto Responders: Unlimited

Mailing lists: 10

Java applications: 5

Microsoft SQL Server databases: Unlimited

Microsoft SQL database quota: Unlimited

FrontPage accounts: 5

Total mailboxes quota: 7GB

Shared SSL links: 5

ODBC connections: Unlimited

Type of domain DNS zone: Master Zone

Facilities & Supports:

  • SSL support
  • Create Web site using Sitebuilder
  • Microsoft FrontPage support
  • Microsoft FrontPage over SSL support
  • Remote Microsoft FrontPage authoring : allowed
  • Allow usage of scripts to the web users
  • Microsoft ASP support
  • Microsoft ASP.NET support Version 2.0.50727.0
  • SSI support (use SSI for *.htm, *.html files )
  • PHP support Version  - 5.2x and above
  • CGI support
  • Perl support
  • Python support
  • ColdFusion support
  • Miva support
  • Web statistics using Webalizer (accessible via password protected directory '/plesk-stat/webstat/' )
  • Custom Error Documents
  • Additional write/modify permissions


Total Cost: Rs. 4999.00 Only


Last Updated on Sunday, 25 September 2011 11:44